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Hordon Barometer
A mercury wheel barometer retailed by Horden, Bull Ring, Kidderminster. The Mahogany case has Mother of Pearl inlay in the form of birds and vines. The case houses a Hygrometer, Thermometer and Spirit level. Each of the dials are engraved and have a silvered finish. Height 36"
Carved Aneriod Barometer
An Aneroid barometer with thermometer in a mahogany case with exceptional carving of leaves and acorns. The silvered dial is deeply engraved and has a patterned centre.
Aneriod Barometer in Asymetrical Case
An Aneroid barometer in a deeply carved case and porcelain case.
Mahogany Wheel Barometer
A Mahogany, mercury filled wheel barometer with hygrometer, thermometer, mirror and level. Swan neck pediment with brass acorn finial and ivory set knob
An Oak cased Barograph with visible aneroid stack and eight day drum movement.
An Oak cased Barograph with concealed aneroid and eight day drum movement.
Round aneriod barometer.
A round carved barometer, 7" diameter with leaf decoration and porcelain dial.