Clocks & Barometers

Restoring your clock to its original glory

If you want your grandfather clock to be preserved properly, then let the professionals repair it. Contact us for more details about clock restorations.

Experienced professionals

A.A Clockcraft was established 30 years ago. We stock an extensive range of clocks and barometers in our shop. Our team also provides quality clock restorations and repairs for clients across Bridlington and the surrounding areas. 

If you want a wall clock that features a sweep second hand, then Ships Clock is a great option for you. The Vienna Wall Clock has an 8 day gong strike feature where as the Chelsea Ships Clock is mounted on a wooden board. You can choose from a variety of our clocks including mantel clocks.
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mantel clock

Our extensive range of bracket and mantel clocks

  • German Bracket (with Honduras Mahogany case and chiming the quarters on 4 gongs)
  • German carved bracket (with Acanthus leaf carving)
  • Break Arch Bracket
  • Balloon Timepiece
  • Timepiece with harebell inlay
  • Tulip Timepiece
  • Rawsthorne Bracket
  • Junghan Bracket
  • German Bracket (with an eight day gong striking movement)
  • French mantel alabaster and Gilt Mounts
  • Easel
  • French Porcelain Mantel
  • French Mantel clock with Brass Mounts
  • Gravity Clock
  • Timepiece in Harewood
  • Yew Wood Napoleon Hat Clock
barometer clock

Our collection of barometers includes

  • Hordon Barometer
  • Carved Aneriod Barometer
  • Aneriod Barometer in Asymmetrical Case
  • Mahogany Wheel Barometer
  • Barograph with visible aneroid stack
  • Barograph with concealed aneroid
A marvellous clock can help improve the decor of your home. 
Choose one from our shop in Bridlington. 
You can also call A.A Clockcraft on 01262 602 802 for repairs and restorations across Bridlington and the Yorkshire Coast.
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